Here on the Outer Banks, part of our rich history includes the pirates that visited our beaches. The infamous Blackbeard the Pirate visited regularly and it is said he even had a “home away from home” on the OBX.
One thing about pirate lore that is well known is the treasure chest. Pirates put their personal treasures in chests and buried them on the beach for safe keeping. When they were ready to retrieve their stored treasures, they came back to the beach with treasure map in hand to re-claim their possessions. Today, we are pleased to give you the same opportunity to keep your personal items secure in our version of the treasure chest. We call it the BeachBox.The BeachBox offers you all the advantages of a treasure chest without any of the inconvenience.

First, it's not buried in the sand  and vulnerable to the elements. Your BeachBox is kept in our secure climate controlled facility we call the Beach. (Your BeachBox is “buried” in our Beach.)
Second, and this is a fantastic convenience, you don't have to go through the time and hassle of using a treasure map to retrieve your treasure chest. Your BeachBox is delivered right to you. At the end of your trip, we pick up your BeachBox and store it for you in our climate controlled facility. You get the best of both worlds.

***Your personal treasure chest, The BeachBox, is stored in our climate controlled facility until you are ready to retrieve it on your next visit to the OBX***