Let us help answer some common questions about the beachbox_text service!

How big is my BeachBox?

The BeachBox has about 2.6 cubic feet of space and is approximately 20” wide and 23” long and is about 13” deep.  It is a great size to store many items you will want to keep here on the beach and still be able to keep the BeachBox portable.

Is my BeachBox airtight and waterproof?

The BeachBox is virtually airtight and watertight. Keep in mind that odors will not be able to escape. If you put wet clothes in your BeachBox they will not dry and will mildew. If you leave an opened citrus candle the smell will permeate the Box and everything in it. If you leave the BeachBox in the rain the contents will not get wet, however, if you throw the BeachBox in the ocean it will eventually seep in.

Does the BeachBox have a weight limit?

The BeachBox can handle just about anything you can place in it. However, we do ask that you try and keep the weight to what an average adult would be able to carry. Please remember, like a treasure chest, the Beachbox needs to be portable.

What shouldn't I store in my BeachBox?

Anything that is illegal in the US or North Carolina.

You can put almost anything in your BeachBox. The main thing to remember is common sense.
Wet clothes will smell and mildew and a scented candle will smell and permeate the Box and get in your clothes. Unsealed food will spoil and smell. Remember that your BeachBox is like an enclosed  treasure chest or locker.

Where do you deliver?

On the barrier islands known as the Outer Banks. Primarily Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. Special arrangements will need to be made for Hatteras Island and Ocracoke.

How do I secure my BeachBox?

You BeachBox comes with security seals to ensure your BeachBox is secured. There is also a place to put a small lock if you choose to do so. Please remember if you place your own lock in your BeachBox we do not have a spare key/combination and it is your responsibility to be able to open your lock.

Do/will you open my BeachBox?

We prefer not to. What you have in your locker is your business. We will only open a BeachBox in an emergency if it is effecting other BeachBoxes or our facility, or if we are ordered to do so by law enforcement authorities. Other than those exceptions we not open a BeachBox.

How much notice do you need for delivery?

48 Hours notice. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible so we may make proper arrangements, so it is never to soon. If we have less then 48 hours notice we will do our best to get it to you as quick as possible.

What is a stay?

A stay is your time here on the Outer Banks.

How do I schedule a stay?

Your BeachBox dashboard is the best place to schedule a stay. Simply let us know when you will arrive, where you will be staying and when you want your BeachBox to be picked up. If you don't have access to your dashboard for some reason, you can email us using our contact page or you can always call us (252) 564-9687.

How late can I change or cancel a stay?

You can cancel a stay up to 24 hours before your arrival date. If you cancel after we deliver  your BeachBox or do not show up at all without notifying us, you will be charged for the full delivery fee.
You can modify your stay at any time. If you are planning on coming in early or leaving later, please let us know so we can make your experience as hassle free as possible.

Where is Facility Beach located?

Our climate controlled facility we call Facility beach is located right here on the Outer Banks.

Is Facility Beach secure and safe?

Yes. There is a security system and double locks on all doors. Personal is on site during regular business hours and there is a system in place in case of fire. Facility Beach is provided pest control by a local pest control company to keep out unwanted pests of all types.

Can I have more than one locker?

Yes. You can have as many BeachBoxes as you feel you want or need. If you are a frequent visitor to the OBX, you may want a summer BeachBox and a winter BeachBox. You may want a BeachBox for you and one for the kids when they are with you. The possibilities are endless.

Do my BeachBoxes have to be delivered each stay?

Not at all. If you have more than one BeachBox and you want us to deliver certain ones, just let us know in the comment box when scheduling your stay.

When will my BeachBox be delivered?

Your BeachBox will be delivered the morning of your scheduled arrival date. We strive to work closely with all the resorts to ensure your BeachBox is delivered and waiting for you when you arrive.

Can I have my BeachBox delivered after I arrive?

We strive to make your stay on the OBX and your experience with BeachBox to be as convenient and hassle free as possible. Simply let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to make sure your needs are met.

What if I need to move to another rental/hotel/place?

You can take your BeachBox wherever and whenever you like. It's your BeachBox. If your plans change and you need us to pick up your BeachBox from another location, simply let us know and we will pick up your BeachBox from where you are on the OBX.

Where do I leave my BeachBox when I leave?

As we have many different resorts on the OBX, each has their own procedures. When you receive your BeachBox you will get a welcome packet and in that packet will be instructions on where to put your BeachBox for pick up depending on where you are staying.

Can you pick up my BeachBox before our departure day?

Absolutely. Simply let us know when you schedule a stay, or contact us during your stay so we know when you want your BeachBox picked up and we can schedule a time to do so.

What if I work on the OBX seasonally?

BeachBox is a great way to keep your things here while you are away and to have them for your stay regardless of how long you are here.



What Can I put in my BeachBox?

  • Shaving cream
  • Toothpaste
  • Razors
  • Cards/Board Games
  • Sunglasses
  • Blow Dryer
  • Sheets/Linens
  • Med Kit
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Beach Towels
  • Bathroom Products
  • Swim suits
  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Water filter
  • Chargers
  • Flip flops

Just about anything you can
imagine can be put into your
BeachBox for safe secure storage!

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