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BeachBox OBX

Storage and Delivery Agreement for The BeachBox

This agreement is entered into by and between World Free, LLC, doing business as BeachBox, and the Customer.

SERVICES: The BeachBox is engaged in the Storage and Delivery of personal goods belonging to the Customer contained in the provided container. The services offered to the Customer are in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein.

DELIVERY: The BeachBox will deliver the container on the Outer Banks. All delivery requests must be made 48 hours prior to check in for guaranteed delivery. Requests made less than 48 hours prior to check in will not be guaranteed.

FEES: The annual membership fee will be paid upon sign-up. The anniversary date will become the date of check-in on the initial visit. The yearly fee will be due upon the anniversary date each year. Additional delivery fees will be paid upon delivery request. No initial or additional delivery will be made if delivery and/or membership fee is not paid in full.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All membership and/or delivery fees are final and non-refundable. Should you cancel services, your BeachBox is yours to keep. BeachBox and it's contents left without arrangements will become the property of The BeachBox upon cancellation.

RIGHT TO REFUSE: The BeachBox reserves the right to refuse service to any person.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following items will not be stored: Perishable food items, dangerous goods/hazardous materials, firearms, illegal substances or anything illegal in the state of North Carolina or the US. This list may be amended at any time by The BeachBox.

COVERAGE AGAINST DAMAGE OR LOSS: The BeachBox will insure each container for up to a maximum of $100. If the Customer places any item in the container valued at more than $100, it is to be insured on his or her own homeowners policy.

FUTURE CHANGES: Rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

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