Our Boxes

If you have doubts and can't believe the BeachBox is going to give you piece of mind, make your trip more enjoyable and enhance your vacation experience, Believe it!!!

Allow me to introduce you to the BeachBox and everything you get with your membership for your very own Blue BeachBox to store and secure your belongings.


First, you get the BeachBox itself. This is no run of the mill tote and we cut no corners when it comes to storing your belongings. It's an industrial strength and spacious blue container designed for commercial use and to hold your personal items and protect whatever you choose to put in it. Your BeachBox is guaranteed for as long as you are a member. Your BeachBox comes with a lid designed for your box for a tight fit and comes with security seals.


The BeachBox comes with versatile adjustable dividers designed for you to take better advantage of your storage needs. The dividers can help you separate your belongings and/or help keep larger items upright so they will not shift and turn over in your BeachBox. The dividers come apart easily and can be adjusted to fit your storage needs. If you prefer, you can discard your dividers altogether. It's all about what you want and need. Part of the beauty of your BeachBox is that it's yours to use in any way that fits your needs.



The SandBox (organizer tray)

If that isn't enough, you will get an organizer tray we call the SandBox. This little gem is Ideal for keeping small or loose items that might be hard to keep track of or might fall to the bottom of your BeachBox, For example: batteries, sewing supplies, band-aids, hairbands or rubber bands, nail clippers, medicine or anything you may need to keep organized.. But it gets better...The SandBox comes with adjustable dividers so you can customize the SandBox in numerous combinations to fit your personal needs, maximize the space and separate the items you choose to store. Your SandBox is designed with snap shut latches to help your items stay in place even if you turn the SandBox upside down.

























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